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Egg Incubator for chicken, duck, goose, quail egg

AG Factory Direct Supply Egg Incubator for chicken, duck, goose, quail

1. With the capability from 24 to 22528 eggs, the larger or smaller can be customized.

2. Full automatically temperature, humidity controlling, Full automatically egg turning.

3. Full automatically alarming.

4. Full automatically cooling and ventilator.

5. Back emergency system.

6. Automatic watering system.

7. Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning freqency.

8. Energy could be supplied by electricity & coal.

9. New-design looking with two kinds of colors ( white or blue, pls tell us which you want. )

10. Larger window for you to see all the hatching process inside.

11. It is suitable for different kinds of eggs like chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs with different egg trays.

12. Easy to install. Saving human resource and budget to maximize your profit

13. Energy-saving and environment protection

14. Hatching rate more than 98%

15. Incubator and hatcher combined machine, no need you to buy hatcher extraly



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