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500kg/h Horse Bedding Wood Shaving Making Machine for Animal Bedding


Horse Bedding Wood Shaving Making Machine Horizontal Wood Shaving Mill for Animal Bedding


Product Description:

This horizontal type wood shaving machine is designed to produce wood shavings in desired and suitable size applicable 

for to animal bedding for chicken farming and horse breeding sectors.Raw Materials can be logs, Tree Branches, Boards, and Old Pallet etc.

Wood shaving machine is mainly used to batch production thickness uniform wafer shavings, is a kind of automatic wood shaving machine.

It includes frame, in the frame of platform, fixed on the platform of the frame, wood by feed port into the machine, inside the machine after slice 

blade with shavings , out of the wood chips size , thickness, is no different from handmade shavings.


Technical Parameters:

 Wood Shaving Machine
ModelWBH 500-2WBH 500-4 WBH 500-6
Max Length of Wood800mm1400mm1400mm
Max Width of Wood500mm500mm500mm
Speed3500 r/min3500 r/min3500 r/min
Production Capacity            
(Fresh Wood)
500 kg/hour1000 kg/hour1500 kg/hour
Total Power10.5KW23.25KW30.75KW
Axle Quantity2 pcs4 pcs6 pcs
Blade Quantity8 pcs16 pcs24 pcs
Hopper Length800 mm1400 mm1400 mm
Width of Wood Shaving0.2-1 mm0.2-1 mm0.2-1 mm
Driving ModeElectric or Diesel


Finished Products


Wood shaving machine can make logs, tree branch edge and processed wood into wood shavings,final product used for animal bedding.

1. It can be used for shaving board. Or As the biological fuel.

2. Raw material of wood pulp paper in paper-making plant.

3. Shipping company used as fillings for shipping fragile things.

4. Used as animal beds fillings in farm plant for cow,pig,horse,sheep or all kinds of animals.

5. Used in Shaving board plant,board mill,paper-making plant.




(1). Advanced technology, accurate punching and embed method which avoid loosing in production.

(2). Hydraulic Transmission, stable performance and low easy daily maintenance.

(3). Widely application, this type wood shaving mill can produce wood shavings with small volume and light weight which caEasy 

replacement of spare parts and daily maintenance n be used in animal bedding, paper mill, transportation filler etc.



Wood shaving machine can process wood logs, branch, wood leftover materials etc into shavings with different size. 

The final shavings are widely used in many fields like Shaving board in cabinet making factory, wood pulp in paper mill, and protective filler for the fragile cargo in transportation, animal bedding in hennery. Etc.


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