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20t 30t 40t Vertical Hydraulic Log Splitter for Forest Wood


20T 30T 40T Vertical hydraulic log splitter For Forest Wood

Product Description

Product Parameters

The wood splitter is an important material preparation machine in the paper industry, man-made board industry, wood pulp processing and other industries.

This equipment can split or chop wood that is too large in diameter, long in length, and special shapes that are not conducive to processing.

It is driven by hydraulic cylinders.It has the characteristics of high pressure, time-saving, labor-saving, reasonable structure, sturdiness and durability, high output, easy operation and more safety.

1. Convenient and labor saving hydraulic jack for easy transporting by trailer.

2. Wearable alloying sharp knife can better suits hard wood.

3. Combined knives makes the splitting more easy and suitable to various size of wood.

4. Automatic feeding fencer enable you to split several woods together or to split the big woods into several pieces.

5. Auto-return valve makes the operation easy and safe.

6. Small size and light weighted, smart and easy to be transported.

A log splitter is a piece of machinery or equipment used for splitting firewood from softwood or hardwood logs that have been pre-cut into sections (rounds), usually by chainsaw or on a saw bench. Many log splitters consist of a hydraulic or electrical rod and piston assembly and these are often rated by the tons of force they can generate. The higher the pressure rating, the greater the thickness or length of the rounds that can be split.

A new log splitter is generally thought of in the late fall to get wood ready to burn in our fireplaces. But log splitter comes in very handy any time of the year. Heavy storms tumble trees in the winter and spring. With a log splitter that fallen tree can be cut down to size for easy handling.

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