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Livestock Animal Feed Pellet Granulator Feed Pellet Mill Machine for Poultry Feed


Livestock Animal Feed Pellet Granulator Feed Pellet Mill Machine for Poultry Feed 

Product Description


The feed pellet machines can produce various kinds feed pellets bright and clean, uniform, moderate hardness, particle size can be replaced by different millstone required for the purpose, aperture from 2.5-8mm, etc. Customers can choose the mould accordingly to your needs.

This flat die feed pellet machine is very suitable to make pellets for pig,rabbit, sheep, chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, cattle, fish, shrimp etc, is the vast number of farmers and factories practical granulating machinery.

Advantages of the feed pellet mill:

• The finished pellets are with high density, smooth and clean surface.
• Formation rate: 98% High capacity, Low investment: suit for family and farm use .
• Belt drive or directly connecting drive of this small pellet machine, working with electric power or diesel as optional.
• Auto lubricate system: continuous work and high efficiency.
• Alloy steel Roller, extender machine service life.

CE Certification


Technical Parameters of Poultry Feed Prellet mill
PM-200B200-300 kg/h7.5 kw1000*430*950 mm240/270 kg
PM-230B300-400 kg/h11kw1140*470*970 mm290/320 kg
PM-260B400-600 kg/h15 kw1200*500*1070 mm330/380 kg
PM-300B600-800 kg/h22 kw1270*520*1070 mm410/450 kg
PM-360B800-900 kg/h22 kw1270*520*1070 mm470/500 kg
PM-400B900-1200 kg/h30 kw1470*600*1150 mm630/660 kg

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Different kinds raw materials of the animal chicken feed mill

1. Cereals:soybean, maize,corn, grain,sorghum,corn flour , wheat flour ,crop stalks (corn stalk, sorghum stalk, cotton, rape stalk,
peanut seedling, sunflower stalk), chaff, grasses, shrubs

2. Coarse fiber: wheat bran, corn stalk, soybean meal,grass meal,rice husk, grass, groundnut shell, cottonseed hull.

3. Additives: molasses, vegetable oil, Amino acid, bone meal, vitamin.


Final different size feed pellet:

1. Diameter of final feed pellets: 2mm, 3mm. 4mm, 5mm. 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm etc.

2. Length of feed pellet: Adjustable



Spare parts


300B 压辊 1.jpg

downLoadImg (3).jpeg

Life time:700-800hours

We recommend to replace the spare parts every 4-6 months

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Packing & Delivery


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