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Horizontal wood shavings mill machine for horse chicken bedding

Horizontal wood shavings mill machine for horse chicken bedding


Horizontal wood shavings processing mill machine for horse chicken bedding 

WBH-500-4 Wood Shaving Machine.jpg

Description of Wood Shaving Mill:

This horizontal wood shaving machine is designed to produce wood shavings in desired and suitable size as you need. 

It can process logs and various types of wood into wood shavings of various sizes. The high-quality wood shavings processed by the wood shaving mill can be used for animal bedding, such as chickens, pigs, various pets and horse breeding sectors.

The size and thickness of wood shavings can be adjusted according to user needs.

Specification of Wood Shaving Machine:

 Wood Shaving Machine
ModelWBH 500-2WBH 500-4 WBH 500-6
Max Length of Wood800mm1400mm1400mm
Max Width of Wood500mm500mm500mm
Speed3500 r/min3500 r/min3500 r/min
Production Capacity            
(Fresh Wood)
500 kg/hour1000 kg/hour1500 kg/hour
Total Power10.5KW23.25KW30.75KW
Axle Quantity2 pcs4 pcs6 pcs
Blade Quantity8 pcs16 pcs24 pcs
Hopper Length800 mm1400 mm1400 mm
Width of Wood Shaving0.2-1 mm0.2-1 mm0.2-1 mm
Driving ModeElectric or Diesel

Details of Wood Shaving Machine:

WBH 500-4 01.jpg

500-6 shaving mill 02.jpg

500-6 shaving mill 01.jpg


Raw Materials can be logs, Tree Branches, Boards, and Old Pallet etc.


Final Wood Shavings: